Our Online Menus feature allows you to easily copy all of the menu items from your saved menu designs and place them in an easy to read format.

To get started, select the Online Menus option from the left-hand side of your Homepage. Select the pink 'Online Menu Setup' button.

Enter all your business information into the corresponding text fields, to create a business page to easily update your menu for Google. Select the pink 'Save' button.

After entering your business information, choose the type of menu that you wish to create an online menu for. There will be a drop-down list to choose from the basic types of menus (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc.) or you can choose the Custom Name from the drop-down list to choose your own name.

After selecting the menu type, you can begin building the menu. The setup page provides a Section 1 field and a Section Note (Optional) field. This is where you can enter in the section title, such as "Salads" and any notes for that section, such as "Served with bread". Start by giving the first section a name. There is also space for an optional note. As you type, you will see the preview of the online menu on the right update with your changes.

Select the +Saved Items button to begin importing your menu items from a saved v3 menu in your account. Or you can use the +New Items button to manually type in your menu items.

Under the Menus option, there is the first set of +New & Edit buttons. The +New button allows you to create an additional online menu, like a Lunch or Dinner menu. The Edit button allows you to change the name of the currently selected menu, or hide the menu from your online page by toggling it on and off. This feature is especially useful for seasonal menus that can be turned off when they are no longer being offered.

Underneath the name of the menu that is currently selected, will be another set of +New and Edit buttons. The +New button will create a new menu section to enter in more menu items. The Edit button will allow you to drag and drop to rearrange the order in which the sections are displayed.

Continue adding new sections and menus until your online menu collection is complete!

Once you have completed adding in all your online menu content, select the pink 'Publish Changes' option in the upper right hand corner of the page. A pop-up box will appear asking you to verify that your menus are ready to publish. The changes will go live right away. You will receive a confirmation window after successfully publishing your menus for the first time. 🎉

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