A Landing Page is ideal for users who want to display multiple menus and online links using just one QR Code.

To get started, select the Landing Pages option from the left-hand side of your Homepage.

Select the Create Landing Page option to begin customizing your new online landing page.

You will see options to title the Landing Page, upload your logo, add your business name, add social media links or website links, add contact information, and change colors. The preview of the Landing Page on the right will update with every change that you make in the information fields on the left.

To start displaying your menus or online links on your new Landing Page, scroll down to the Add Links.

You can add a link to any webpage and give it a title, using the Website option.

See the example below-

Add your mobile-friendly Online Menu to your Landing Page to give your customers a simplified version of your available menu items. To learn more about setting up your Online Menu, Click Here.

Quickly link an image of your menu design saved in your account using the Saved Design option. See example below-

Put the finishing touches on your Landing Page, by adding your Contact Information where your customers can reach you, and adjusting your color preferences to match your brand!

Be sure to select the pink 'Done' button when you are finished editing your Landing Page to ensure all your changes are saved.

To Learn How to Manage Your QR Code for your Landing Page, Click Here!

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