Welcome to the Lite Designer, a powerful creative tool for menus and marketing. 

In this video, we will cover the basics of customizing a design.

If you’ve already selected a design, you can jump right in to editing directly on the canvas. 

If you need a different paper size, use the Resize tool.

And don’t forget to give your design a name! Click on the filename to give it a title. When you are logged in, changes will save automatically to your account.

If you haven’t chosen a design yet, you’ll want to check out the Templates. 

There are three tabs in left panel: Templates, Text and Graphics.

Under the Templates tab, you can search for a template by keywords, such as “pizza,” or simply scroll to browse through the collection. Note that each time you choose a new template, it starts a new document and your content will not carry over.


The Text tab allows for adding new text boxes to the template. There are preset styles, but you can customize any of them. Simply click or drag a sample text style onto the template to start adding more content.

The Graphics tab is where you will access images and graphics for your design.

In the graphics tab, you'll find free photos and illustrations from our design library.

You can create a photo area and drag images into the photo area. The photo area will automatically crop the image to fit inside.

If the template has a solid background, you can adjust the background color 

Create shapes or lines 

Or upload your own logo and images.

Click on an image or click and drag the image to add it to the canvas. Then use the tools above the preview to adjust size, layering, add border colors and more.


Next let’s go over how to further customize text on a template. 

To edit text, simply click once on a text box. Highlight unwanted content and hit the backspace key on your keyboard to replace sample text with your own. 

Once text is selected, you can adjust the fonts, size, spacing and more.

To move text around on the canvas, click on the frame of the text box and drag it to the desired position.


To adjust a graphic that’s already on the design, click on it and the selection box will appear. You can adjust the graphic’s size or rotate it using the selection box handles.

To move a graphic, first select it, then click and drag the graphic on the template.

The graphics tools will also appear, to allow you to resize to a specific value, flip an image, add a border, use layering controls and more. 

If there are accents on the template such as boxes, lines, or illustrations, you can use the color swatches on the toolbar to change colors.

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