With a monthly or annual plan, you can enable a mobile menu, publish an image of your menu, and publish to Facebook. 

Mobile Menu

The mobile menu allows you to generate a mobile-ready version of your menu, making your menu easy to read from your customers' smart phones or tablets.

An entry is also created in the MustHaveMenus online directory which contains your restaurant information, a map to your location and your menu in a mobile friendly format. This page can be linked to directly from your website, and it is also searchable by internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

See how to enable and publish the mobile menu to your website.

Web Image

The web image is an image of your menu that can be linked to or embedded in your website. It will look just as your designed menu looks in your account

See how to publish a web image to your website.

Publish to Facebook

Add an image of your menu to your Facebook business page via the MustHaveMenus app. Create a post with your menu directly from My Menus.

See how to publish to Facebook.

Best of all, online versions can be updated with the click of a button. There's no need to edit your website or re-publish each time you make changes to your menu.

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