From My Menus

Click the blue Online Now tile then Mobile Menu to begin enabling or click "preview" to see an example of what your mobile menu will look like.

After clicking "mobile menu", follow the prompts for enabling. Instructions will appear including a menu link and menu embed code.

Menu Link

Linking the menu will require your customers to click a link to view the menu. Simply copy the link to paste it into your website editor. 

If you would like to use a hyper link, click the "use <a href="">click here to view menu</a>" checkbox before copying.

Embed Code

Embedding the menu will place the menu in an already existing page.

Click the "Menu Embed Code" tab to access. The embed code can be copied and pasted into any html-accepting field in your website builder (this may require adding an html “app” or “widget” depending on your host).

Note: If you do not have control over the container size of the field into which you are placing the embed code, it may be necessary to add height and width parameters to the place_iframe div. For example, the following code adds a style attribute specifying width and height.

<div id="place_iframe" style="width: 400px; height: 900px;"></div>

Updating the Menu

After you've updated your menu, you will be prompted to update the online versions right on My Menus as shown below

You can also update by clicking the refresh mobile menu button.

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