Selecting a New Template

Click the Design tab to view your content on a different template. Over 500 menu templates are listed here. You can filter by style and/or color or search using a keyword for quick results. 

Please note, if you have already customized your current menu, it is best to save a copy before changing the theme to avoid losing your work.

Replace the Menu Background

If you'd like to keep the template settings such as fonts, layout, spacing, margins, etc., you can simply replace the current background with your own image or an image from our stock library.

First, click the small hide background icon to the right of the menu preview.

To place a new background, click the Graphics tab. We have a folder of menu backgrounds stored in the Graphics Library. You can also also place a Stock Photo or click upload to use your own background.

After selecting your new background, simply drag and drop it onto the menu preview. Use the Fit to Background graphic tool to instantly resize the image to your paper size.

In addition, a custom color background can be selected. Learn more here.

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