All graphics can be placed on the menu by dragging and dropping into position or simply by clicking the the graphic.

Select the Graphics  on the left hand side of the screen to open the different category options.

The Graphics tab is divided into 6 categories:


Each menu template comes with a set of supplemental images. They consist of accents, borders, lines, etc. that match your selected template.


Our graphics library contains categories including:
Bar Clipart, Event Graphics, Food Graphics, Holiday Images, Menu Accents, Menu Backgrounds, Menu Borders, Menu Labels and Sports Clipart.


We have a library of stock photos available for Asian Food, Bars, Breakfast, Cafes, Mexican Food, and Pizza.


Add simple shapes including a line, rectangle, circle and star to your menu.  Shape settings can be customized including line weight, line style, line color and fill color.


Use the current theme on your template you have selected or fill the whole background with a custom color.

My Uploads

Upload graphics and logos to your account here. They will remain saved in this section for later use.
Please note, we currently accept .PNG, .JPG, and .GIF file types.

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