Menu Maker has a variety of icons that can be used to denote special food items. 

Adding Icons

Start in the Text tab, then click + Icon to the right of the item name. Select any of the icons listed and give it a description. This description will appear in the menu icon key at the bottom of the page. Select which page to display the key, then save.

Styling Icons

Menu icons can be styled using font controls. To adjust the icon size, color and alignment, click the Text tab from the left side of the screen. Select the icon on the menu preview and use the font tools to style above the template. 

Use to type to apply the style changes to all menu icons of the same type (example: changing the font color of a gluten free icon to red and selecting to type will make all gluten free icons red). Use to all to apply style settings to all menu icons, regardless of type.

Adjusting Icon Key

If your menu has multiple pages, you may choose to display the icon key on the last page only or on each page where the icon is used.

If you would like to hide the icon key entirely, click + Icon on any item to edit. Uncheck the checkboxes in the "Show in Footer" column.

The icon key can be moved up or down using the Spacing tools. Click the Format tab then Spacing. Select the icon key on the menu preview, then use the ↓ and ↑ icons to move it down or up.

Editing Icon Description

To edit an icon name click the + Icon button. Each saved icon description will appear with an option to edit. Click the pencil icon to rename it.

Deleting an Icon

To remove a menu icon, click the small pencil icon to the right of the icon as shown below. Click the trash can icon to remove the icon. 

At this time, custom icons need to be uploaded as a graphic and placed as an icon.

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