A professional plan can be paused or cancelled at any time.

A few things that are helpful to keep in mind when cancelling a plan:

• When accounts are cancelled any QR codes, share links or website codes will be deactivated and not visible to your customers.

• You will not have access to your saved designs. Cancelled or paused accounts must be renewed upon logging in, for access to all of your saved menus, MustHaveMenus print services and the current online publishing features. Cancelled accounts will require a credit card, paused accounts will charge the card on file upon reactivation.

Your designs and published content may be subject to removal and deletion.

How to cancel or pause a subscription:

To cancel or pause the plan for the account, select the letters inside the circle in the upper right of the Home page. The Home page is where you see the list of the saved designs in the account. A drop-down list will appear, select the 'Account Settings' option from the drop-down list.

Select the 'Subscription' option on the left. The subscription information will be displayed and the words "Pause Subscription" will display underneath the subscription information. See image below-

To pause the plan:

Select "Pause Subscription" button. A pop-up will appear with the option to pause the plan for up to 3 months or cancel the subscription. Please be sure to read all of the prompts carefully to ensure the account is paused or canceled based on your preferences.

To pause the plan, select the drop-down and how many months you would like to pause for. Then select the "Pause Subscription" button. Once completed, the account billing will update accordingly.

To cancel the plan:

Select the "Pause Subscription" button first, then select the "Cancel Subscription" button. A pop-up will explain the cancellation and then you will have the option to Continue to Cancel or Pause the Subscription instead. Select the 'Continue to Cancel' button. Once completed, the account billing will update accordingly.

Your account can be reactivated at any time upon logging in to your account and selecting a monthly or annual professional plan.

 For assistance with your account or any further questions, feel free to contact our team!

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