Attention to detail is critical for any menu. Not only is it one of the first impressions your business will make but your menu is a key marketing tool to sell carefully crafted dishes, cocktails, desserts or draught list. By paying close attention, from the look and feel of your menu to pricing conventions, you will be certain to create a smooth, enjoyable experience for both customers and staff, boost revenue and keep your fans coming back for more! 

 Avoid these common menu mistakes for a great menu.

Avoid Unappetizing or Grainy Photos 

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. A great photo in the right place can inspire cravings in your customers and boost sales. Try to avoid grainy or low resolution photos of your signature dishes. Ensure that the size and shape of each photo is consistent throughout your menu for a balanced, professional look.


Don't Use Hard-To-Read Fonts 🤓

Script fonts are beautiful and can be used sparingly to really make a menu design pop. Unfortunately, they can also be hard to read. Always prioritize legibility before look to protect your customer and your revenue.


Be Sure to Organize Your Menu 👩‍💻

Customer experience hinges on great service, great food and a great time but none of that is possible if a menu is overwhelming or messy. 

Consider these organizing “Dos” and “Don'ts” to make your menu nice and neat!


  • Keep menu categories bite-sized. Smaller amounts of information are easier to process at a glance. Make reading your menu fun, easy and of course, mouthwatering.

  • Be creative! Consider creating a separate column for “Signature Desserts” or “Famous Cocktails” to guide your customers to premium items on your menu.


  • Try not to overwhelm customers with too much information per category. Instead of just a general category like “Entrées,” create clear sub-headers like, “Steak” or “Pasta.”

  • Placing your lowest priced items at the top of a menu section can ensure a customer never sees any of your premium dishes or ignores them altogether. Try moving premium items to the top of the list where they can shine!

Keep it Simple with Pricing 👍

Studies suggest that removing $ signs and minimizing decimal places in all pricing makes it more likely that customers will order premium items. Instead of “$12.50,” try using “12.5” as the format for all prices on your menu. 


Don't Forget to Spread the Word 📣

Take advantage of the front cover or footer of the menu to market your business! 

Including your web address or social media icons can lead customers to engage with your business long after their initial visit.

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