The text fields on the left organize your menu by page headers, menu sections, items, descriptions, prices and footers.

To begin, replace the sample content with your own or clear the content to start fresh.


Use header fields to display your business name, address, menu title, etc. To add a new header, click "Add Text" then choose a header style.

Sections & Items

Click "Add Section" located at the bottom of the Menu Sections list to add menu categories such as Appetizers, Drinks, Desserts, etc.

Use the Item Name, Description and Price fields available to enter each item separately. **It is important to use the separate fields so that you can format your item names, descriptions, and prices separately later on.

Click "add note" to include section specific information such as "served with soup or salad."

Add-Ons & Sizes

Use the + Size button to include options such as "Cup" or "Bowl" with corresponding prices. Similarly, use + Add-On with a price to show options such as "Add Salad + $2.50."


Include a consumer advisory or a gratuity fee by clicking the Footers section then "Add Text."

TIP: When creating a multiple page menu, "Copy from Page 1" button for Headers & Footers will quickly duplicate content, position, and style to each page.

Don't want to copy and paste? See how to quickly add menu sections and items from your item library.

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