Headers and section notes can now be connected to the Menu Items Text Box. Making it easier than ever to style and format Headers to their matching menu text.

Adding Group Names and Notes:

To add a Header, or Group Name, to a menu text box first select the menu items text box. A Menu will appear on top of the boxes with a few options; Add new items, import text, or edit group information. Select the option that looks like 3 dots. From the drop-down menu select Edit Group Name.

The same steps can be followed to add a Group Notes as well. Group notes are great for adding information about sides offered, or special instructions for this group of menu items.

After selecting Edit Group Name, or Group Notes, a pop-up box will appear. Enter the desired Group Name, or Notes, into this box. The text will automatically appear at the top of the Menu Items text box. When finished select the Done button at the bottom of the box.

Once the information has been entered you may choose to style the Name or Notes by changing the Fonts and colors. This can be done by selecting the Style tab in the left-hand side bar. The first options will be for editing the Group name and notes.

Here is what the finished product looks like -

Please watch the video below for a walk through of these steps-

Deleting Group Names or Notes:

To remove a Group Name or Notes first select the menu text box, Then, select the 3 dots from the toolbar at the top of the text box. From the drop-down menu, select Edit Group Name or Notes, whichever option you would like to remove. Then, in the pop-up box select the white Delete button to remove the text.

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