The Combine option takes two or more designs and makes a combined copy no retyping necessary. The original designs remain intact as separate designs and the combined design becomes a new design with all of the pages from the original designs. Any changes made to the original separate designs will not affect the combined copy and vice versa.

The combined copy will use the page size from the first selected design. For example, if the first design selected for combining has legal-size pages and the second design selected has letter-size pages, the entire combined design will have legal-size pages. We don't currently offer a way to have different page sizes all in one design. Manual formatting may be required.

How to combine designs

Start from the Home page, this is where all of the saved designs are listed for the account.

Hover the mouse over one of the small design pictures, but do not click on it. A small white box will appear in the lower-left corner of the small design picture.

Select that white box. Then all of the other designs will show white boxes.

Select the white box(es) on the other designs that need to be combined with the first selected design.

At the bottom of the website, a bar will show up with the options Combine, Delete, and Cancel. Select Combine.

A pop-up will appear to name the new combined design. Enter the name and select the "Combine" button.

The new combined design will save and appear at the beginning of the list of the saved designs for the account.

See example of this process below-

Questions about combining your designs? Contact our Customer Success Team HERE.

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