1. Increase Website Traffic
If you want to increase traffic to a particular web page, QR codes are a great place to start. It saves them the effort. You can place a QR code on pretty much any marketing material, including menus, signs, sandwich boards, and flyers.

2. Expand Your Product Labels
Labels often don’t have enough space to write everything that you may want. If you wish to expand upon ingredients or materials used, slap a QR code on the label that connects back to your website. This is also helpful for customers who may want to order online next time or sign up for your loyalty program.

3. Make Your Menu Contactless

One of the most significant innovations during the COVID-19 pandemic was the introduction of QR code menus or contactless menus. Restaurants, bars, and cafes put QR codes on table tents (or directly on tables) and linked those codes to menus. This allowed customers to safely use menus without having to worry about the transfer of germs. While print menus have steadily returned to restaurants, contactless menus will stick around as another option for customers who prefer the digital experience.

4. Add to Your Email Newsletter List

If you’re looking to build out your email newsletter list, you can set up a QR to do that for you as well. Having customers sign up for an email list while in-store was previously a challenge, requiring more labor on behalf of the employees. With a QR code, customers can be directed to the right page to sign up quickly.

5. Increase Social Media Following

Setting up a QR code to link to your social media accounts makes it easier for customers and clients to follow you. The best way to convert new followers is by eliminating steps that make the process more difficult. With QR codes, you can connect right to your Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, etc.

6. Promote a Video

Did you create a killer video for your business? Maybe it’s a great advertisement or a behind-the-scenes video. Perhaps you made an educational video to help your clients through some sort of process. Wherever you’re hosting the video — be it YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or your own site — you can simply connect the link to your QR code. It can be complicated to direct in-person customers or clients to a video, but a QR code makes that process so much easier.

7. Make Payments Easier

The name of the game moving forward is cashless payments. Customers want the freedom to pay their way. Many businesses are accepting CashApp, Venmo, and other payment methods these days. Your business can use a QR code to direct paying customers to your profile on these applications to streamline payment through these third-party options. Leaving a QR code on a receipt is a great way to make paying with these methods super simple for your customers.

8. Make Phone Calls With a Quick Scan

Instead of typing in a phone number they see on a flyer or menu, customers can quickly scan a QR code and make a phone call in seconds. QR codes are great for saving customers time; removing unnecessary steps like looking up and typing in a number. Phone number QR codes are great for placing takeout orders, contacting customer service, or scheduling appointments. They work well on takeout menus, receipts, flyers, and more!

9. Prompt Online Reviews

Online reviews are the backbone of digital marketing for hospitality businesses. If people give your business strong reviews, you’ll pop up higher on search engines, and have a better chance of converting customers. The best way to prompt reviews? By removing unnecessary steps. Include a QR code on the receipt. Put it on a sticker and slap it on your takeout packaging. Consider incentivizing reviews with free apps or loyalty points.

10. Track User Engagement

One of the best things about QR codes is that you’re able to track how often they’ve been scanned and used. Tracking your engagement is incredibly important in marketing, as it allows you to keep track of your marketing efforts better. Tracking engagement can also help you determine whether or not you’re targeting the right audience in your efforts. By using the data associated with QR scans, you can modify and improve your marketing efforts.

Use QR Codes for Your Business

No matter what type of business you run, QR codes are a great addition to your marketing strategy. They make actions easier for your customers, saving them time and making them more likely to engage with your brand! QR codes are an excellent option for restaurants and businesses large and small.

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