If you have specific menu items entered into your Online Menu tool, that you would like to add to your design template menu without having to retype, you can simply import them.

Start by opening the design template menu that you would like to bring the menu items into. To import the text into a new text box select the Text tab on the left side of the editor. Then, select the Import Items button. To import items into an exisiting menu text box first select the text box. Directly above the text box will be a left-pointing arrow. Select the left pointing arrow.

This will bring up a list of your saved designs that include items that can be imported. The first option displayed will be the Online Menu. Select the Online Menu option to bring up a list of items to import.

Next, select the Online Menu category that you'd like to import the items from. A complete list of menu items from the selected Online Menu section will now appear. Click on the box next to the first item in the section that you'd like to import, or manually select the items that you want to add to this particular menu text box. Then click on Add to Design button and those items will populate in your current text box.

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