To restore a previous version of a design, open that design in the editing software. Then select the FILE option in the upper left. A drop-down list will appear. Select the Version History option from that drop-down list.

On the left side panel, a list of the previously saved versions of this design will be listed. Please note, the previous versions are only saved for so long and only go back so far.

Select the pink-colored "preview" button to review each version.

When a version is found that you would like to restore, select the Restore This Version option in the upper right corner of the editing software. If a version is not found in the previous versions, select the Cancel option in the upper right to exit the Version History. A reload pop-up may appear, select the "reload" option to reload the current version.

Please note, when a previous version of a design is restored, all changes made after that version will be lost. To ensure those changes are saved, we suggest making a copy of the design before reviewing the version history. To make a copy, select the FILE option in the upper left, then select Make a Copy from the drop-down list. Give the copy a name and save it. The software will route you into the copy. Exit the copy by using the FILE option, then EXIT. Then reopen the original and go through the version history.

For any further questions or concerns while editing your menus, please reach out to our Customer Success team by clicking HERE!

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