To create a price grid, such as for a wine list with glass and bottle prices, start by selecting a menu items text box on the menu design area. On the left, select the first item. Once the first item is selected, add "Glass" in the Price 1 field and "Bottle" in the Price 2 field or whatever is applicable for your price grid. Leave all other fields in the first item blank. This creates the names of the price grid columns.

Next, select the second item or click on + New Item in the bottom left corner, to begin adding the items. Enter in a price for the glass in the Price 1 field and enter a price for the bottle in the Price 2 field or whatever is applicable for the section. Repeat this for all the items in the menu items text box.

The template may look a bit messy at first with multiple prices on one line, but that can be adjusted using the Layout options. Once all of the items and prices have been entered, select the Layout option in the upper left corner, next to the Style option. Then choose one of the three style options under Price Columns to create a grid. The item style options will look like this -

The end result will look similar to this if the instructions above were utilized correctly.

For any further questions or assistance in setting up your price grid, please reach out to our Customer Success team HERE!

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