With the Online Menus platform, you can toggle off an entire menu by using the Active button located to the right of the menu name. This can be extremely beneficial for Late Night menus or Seasonal menus that only need to be turned on during a certain time of year or a certain time of the day.

If you only want to turn off a certain menu item rather than the entire menu section, you have the option to do that too for when an item runs out for the day, or you have a rotating menu. The active button will prevent you from having to recreate the item each time you need it to be active again.

Click on the specific item to expand it to the editing area, then select the Active toggle to turn an item off, or back on. You'll see the preview on the right update with your changes right away.

If you have further questions or require assistance when working on your Online Menu, you can contact our Customer Support team by Clicking Here.

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