The Link Pages now offer the ability to schedule the Saved Designs, Online Menus and Websites to be visible during certain days and times.

After the Saved Design, Online Menu or Website is added to the Link Page editing area, there will be a clock icon with the word 'Schedule' next to it under the Title. See image below-

Select the 'Schedule' icon and a drop-down will appear with the Start and End options. Select the "Select time" option under Start to set the start date and time. Then select the "Select time" option under End to select the end date and time.

If you need to clear the times and have the Saved Design, Online Menu or Website available all of the time, select the Schedule icon and then select the word "Clear" above the Start and End options.

In the example above, the Link Page is linked to a designed titled 'Limited Time Flyer' which is a promotional event and should only be displayed during the scheduled times in the image above. Keeping content up to date can be a challenge, but with the new schedule tool, you can get ahead of the game and get content loaded and scheduled so you can move on to your next task!

Be sure to select the pink 'Save' button at the bottom of the Link Page screen to ensure that your recent changes are saved.

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