Online Menus can be unpublished to hide all of your menus from appearing in search results.

To unpublish your Online Menus, select the Settings option from the top of the Online Menu portal

Select the Status option from the left hand side of the screen

Underneath the Publish Status area, click on the pink toggle once. The toggle will switch from pink to gray and your status will change to 'Not Published'.

A pop-up box will appear asking to confirm that you'd like to unpublish all menus, and then a confirmation message will appear at the top of the page to indicate that the menus were unpublished.

Please note that when Online Menus are unpublished, the link to your Online Menus is disabled.

If you'd like to publish Online Menus again in the future, your previously created Online Menus will be stored and can be republished at any time.

Online Menus also offers the option to 'hide' a menu. This feature is very helpful if you offer a selection of items seasonally. You can hide the seasonal menu when you are not serving those items, and turn the menu back on when you want the menu to be displayed to customers again.

To hide a menu, select the Menus option from the top of the page, then locate the menu from the left hand side that you wish to temporarily hide.

To the left of the Menu Name, locate the Active green toggle button next to the menu that you wish to hide and select the toggle once. Then press the pink Publish button. You will immediately see that menu removed from the Online Menus preview on the right side of the screen.

You can turn the menu back on by selecting the green toggle again.

Be sure to select the pink 'Publish Changes' button in the upper left-hand corner of the change to update the Online Menus with your recent changes.

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