After you have made changes to the menu, select the FILE option in the upper left, then select EXIT. Any time the menu is opened and exited, it can trigger the sync-needed option, so it is best to sync the QR Code from the homepage.

When you see the list of saved designs for your account, this is the homepage.

Hover your mouse over the small menu picture, but do not click on it. 3 dots will drop down over the small menu picture, select the 3 dots.

Then select the Share option from the drop-down list. Select the QR Code option and a pop-up box will appear. Select the Sync option listed on that box and the QR Code will update.

Once a QR Code is created and the menu is synced, it can take a few moments for the entire menu to appear in the QR Code. Sometimes refreshing the menu after opening it from the QR Code can speed up the process.

Please note, if you make a copy of the menu and make changes to the copy, this will not affect the original menu QR Code. A new QR Code needs to be created for the copy of the menu with the changes.

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