After you have finished your menu and are ready to create the QR Code, select the PUBLISH option in the upper right of the editing software. Select the QR Code option from the drop-down list, and a drop-down list will open. Select the pink-colored "Get QR Code" button from the drop-down list.

The QR Code image will automatically be added to your QR Codes library on the left-hand side of the screen. The title of the QR Code will be the same title as your design. You can select the new QR Code image on the left in the QR Codes library to add it to any design!

Once a QR Code is created, it can take a few moments for the entire menu to appear when the QR Code is scanned.

Please note, if you make a copy of the menu and make changes to the copy, this will not affect the original menu QR Code. A new QR Code needs to be created for the copy of the menu with the changes.

To learn how to sync your changes from your menu to the QR Code, click here.

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