Menu text is a special type of text field for menu content. Each menu text box can include multiple items to create sections on your design.

To add Menu text to your template - 

  1. Select the Text tab on the left panel. 

  2. This will load options a few options: Select the +New Menu items to start a new menu text box. Select the Import Items to import menu text from another design into a new menu text box. There are also pre-styled menu text options as well.

    Note: It doesn't matter which sample you start with. Every setting — fonts, layout, spacing — can be fully customized. 

To enter your menu items -

  1. Select the Menu text box on the canvas.

  2. Select the menu inside the text box you'd like to edit and a pop up box will appear.

  3. Edit the menu items within the pop-up box.

  4. Click on the white + New Item button at the bottom of the pop up box, or at the top of the text box to add more items. Or click on the Import button at the top of the text box to import saved content from a previous design. 

  5. As you continue to add or remove items, your update will display on the menu template in real time.

To customize the look and layout of your items - 

  1. Select the menu items text box on the menu design area, then select the word "Style" on the left side panel. You can adjust fonts, and icon colors here.

2. Spacing can be adjusted using the spacing tab.

Drag the Between Items slide bar to adjust the space between each menu item in the menu object text box. 

Drag the Line Height slide bar to increase or decrease the space between the item name and the description. 

3. Use the Layout tab to adjust the layout of your items, description and prices using the selection of different layout options shown in the Video below.

You can drag your Menu text box around the canvas to position as desired.
The width of your Menu text box can be adjusted with the pink side handles,

Time-Saving Tip: Set your desired fonts and layout in the first Menu box, then use the Copy button in the toolbar to quickly create new menu boxes, and then add more items to complete your design.

If you have further questions or require assistance when editing your designs, you can contact our Customer Experience team by Clicking Here.

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