Welcome to My Designs. The hub for all your saved menus and marketing files.

In this video, we will cover how to get the most out of your account and where key features are located.

On the left side of your My Designs page, you will see the management tabs. There are 3 Main tabs; My Designs, Publishing and Templates.

My Designs stores all of your existing creations and your most recently updated designs will display at the top of your list. You can find an existing file by using search or by scrolling. You can start a new design by selecting a Featured Product at the top of the page, clicking on the + icon or by navigating to the Templates tab.

Each design that is saved has a few control options. Hover over a design and select the drop down box. You can Rename an existing design, Create a copy, or delete the file.

At the bottom of each design, you will see a few more options. You can Order Prints, Share to post to social media or publish online and Download your design.

The My Designs tab also offers folders for better organization. Click the folder icon and give your folder a name. To add designs to your folder, simply drag and drop your design.

You can always rename a folder or delete it. If you decide to delete a folder, your designs will still be saved in your main My Designs area.

The Publishing Tab helps you manage all the designs you have published online.

And the Templates Tab allows you to browse through all of our collections.

Under Account Settings, you can manage information about your account. You can access your current subscription, change the email or password on file, update your personal info, review billing information or view previous print orders

Under Billing, you can change the credit card on file. You will also be able to see your subscription invoices and download a copy.

The Print History tab stores all of your previous print orders for easy review and reordering.

If you ever need assistance creating menus, we offer professional graphic design. We also offer a self serve help center or you can chat with a live customer success rep if you have any questions about the software. 

Thank you for choosing MustHaveMenus.

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