Welcome to the MustHaveMenus Design Editor, a powerful creative tool for creating menus and marketing designs.

In this video, we will cover the basics of customizing a design.

If you have already selected a template, you can begin editing directly on the canvas.

If you have opened a template, but would like to change the size of your menu, you can use the Resize tool.

You can also use the Resize tool to double-check the current size of your design

If you haven’t chosen a design yet, you’ll want to check out the Templates

While you are logged in and using the Design Editor, your changes will save automatically as you work.

You can also change the title of your design.

If you haven’t yet picked a template, you will want to check out the Templates tab. You can search with keywords, or browse the selection.

Please note: selecting a new template will always create a new design file, and the information on your current design will not carry over.


From the Text tab, you can add new text boxes to the design. We offer preset styles, but any of them can be customized!

To add a new text box, simply click to add text to the menu preview, or click-and-drag the text onto the preview.

Adding menu text boxes is simple as well. Click the Menu Text tab and you can start a new menu text box by clicking the pink +New Menu Items box. You can also choose to import menu text from your Saved Designs as well. Menu text boxes can be further edited by clicking on them and adjusting them in the Edit and Style tabs on the left.

You can add new menu items. Or, if you have already designed a menu, you can use the Saved Items tool to import menu text from that menu to your new design.

If you would like to change the style of all menu text boxes at once, you can select a menu text box, adjust the color, font, spacing, or text size in the Style tab, then click the Apply to All button. You will see that all menu text sections on your design will reflect these changes.

For plain text boxes, you can select more than one at a time by clicking while holding the Shift key on your keyboard. You can then update the font and color for multiple plain text boxes at once.

The Duplicate tool can be used to create copies of graphics or text boxes on your design. This is especially useful for maintaining the style of text boxes and for creating columns of menu items. If you have an existing column of menu items, but would like to create 2 (or more) columns out of it, you can select the column, duplicate it, then remove any of the items you do not want in the second column by deleting them from the menu text editing area on the left. Then return to your first column and remove any repeating menu items. And there you have it - a multi-column layout!


Under the Graphics tab is where you can access images and illustrations to use for your design.

We offer libraries of free pictures and illustrations, as well as the option to upload your own graphics under the My Uploads section. If the background of your design is a solid color fill, it can be adjusted in the Background section.

A Photo Area can be added to the design. Graphics that are dragged-and-dropped into the photo areas will automatically crop to the size and shape of the photo area. To replace an image in a photo area, you can simply drag another image over top and it will automatically fill with the new image.

To further edit a template graphic, or a graphic you have added, click on it once to select it. The size and rotation of the graphic can be adjusted using the selection box handles.

To move a graphic, select it by clicking once, then click-and-drag the graphic on the design. Additional controls can be found in the top toolbar - to adjust opacity, orientation, size, alignment, and how the graphic is layered.


Your designs can be shared by publishing them. To publish a design, click on the Publish button. You will see that you can share your menu design with a Share Link, via a Facebook post, or with QR Codes and Link Pages.

Designs can also be downloaded to your computer or device from within the editor. To download your design, click on the downward-facing arrow and select the file type you would like to download the menu as.

You can also order your menu and marketing designs through our professional printing service by clicking the Order Prints button. We offer a variety of printed product sizes, paper types, and quantities to meet your needs!

If you have any questions, you can reference our Help Center, or you can start a live chat with one of our Customer Success representatives by clicking HERE.

We hope that this has been helpful, and we look forward to seeing your next great design!

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