1. Select the GRAPHICS option on the left side panel.

  2. Select PHOTO AREA.

  3. Select the photo area size option you want to use.

  4. Resize the photo area frame on your design by holding and dragging one of the side handles in or out.

  5. Select GRAPHICS in the left side panel.

  6. Select FREE PHOTOS to use one of our stock photos or select UPLOADS to use one of your own.

  7. Make sure the photo area size is selected on your design.

  8. Then drag and drop the photo onto the photo area frame on your design. 

To replace a photo area on the template, select the image you want to replace. Once selected an option to Replace Image will appear in the top left corner of the editor. Clicking replace image will open up the graphics tab giving the option to replace the photo area with Template Art, Free Photos, My Logos and My Uploads. Select a new photo by clicking on it and it will replace the existing image in the photo area. See example below:

Once the desired image is in the photo area it can also be repositioned. To reposition the image first click on the photo area. In the top toolbar select the Crop option. This will expand the image. To adjust the image, click, hold and drag the image until its positioned correctly. See example below:

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