To change the solid background color -

  1. Click anywhere on the template background.
  2. Select the color square in the editor toolbar above the template.
  3. Select one of the recent colors or select the + to use the color picker.

To change the background to a photo or your own uploaded graphic -

  1. Select the GRAPHICS option in the upper left.
  2. Select the PHOTO AREA option.
  3. Select the FULL PAGE option.
  4. Select the ALL GRAPHICS option.
  5. Select FREE PHOTOS or UPLOADS and find a photo you want as the background.
  6. Make sure the template is selected (there will be small black dots around the edges of the template).
  7. Then click on one of the photos and drag it over to the template, it will apply it as the entire background.

To delete a background -

  1. Select the background on the template.
  2. Select the trash can icon in the upper right in the editor toolbar.
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