To add a plain text box to the canvas:

  1. Click on the TEXT option in the left side panel.
  2. This panel shows 3 plain text fields: Add Header, Add Subheader, Add Body Text.
  3. Click one of these text fields, and a new text box will instantly appear on the canvas. Or drag your desired text field to the canvas. 
  4. On the canvas, click the new text box. Type to edit the message. Change the format – font, color, size and more – via the white toolbar above the canvas.
  5. Click, hold and drag the text wherever you want to position it on the canvas.
  6. Use the box handles to make your text box wider or narrower as desired. Box height is auto-adjusted to fit your content. 

To delete a plain text field - 

  1. Click on the text box on the canvas.
  2. On the white toolbar that appears, click on the trash can icon.

If you deleted something by accident, immediately use the Undo button (beside the canvas) to bring it back.

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