Welcome to the Menu Maker! Let's go over the basics.

When you start a new design, click on name your menu to give it a title.

There are four main control tabs in the Menu Maker: Text, Format, Graphics, and Setup. We always recommend beginning with the Text tab. 

Text Tab

After selecting the Text tab, your content will display on the left. Content is arranged in 3 groups:

Page Headers typically include information like your business name and display at the top of each page.

Menu Items are organized into sections. Sections can include a title, notes and items. Items can include a name, optional description and price.

Please note, the menu design tools work best if you enter your content in the correct fields. For example, you can change the font color of an item name, then apply that change to the whole section or whole menu.

To add a new section, scroll down and click the +Section button. The +Text button is for any miscellaneous text that does not need to be formatted like an item.

Page Footers display at the bottom of each page. It may be helpful to know, if you do not need a footer, you can delete the field to gain more space for your items.

Format Tab

After you've entered some text, use the format tools to adjust how text fits on each page. Select a section on your menu and you will see three new controls above the preview.

Spacing - move section up or down the page, adjust space between items, or insert a break to push text to the next column or the next page.

Highlight - create a colored box around your specials or top sellers.

Columns - layout options for each section and page.

Advanced tools - adjust placement of prices, descriptions, add-ons and sizes. You can also set up column pricing.

Graphics Tab

Here you will find accents for your current design theme, you can browse clipart and stock photo libraries, draw shapes and lines, and upload your logos and images.

Click on any image to add it to the canvas then use tools above the preview to adjust size and layering, add border colors and more.

Setup Tab

*setup tab is not available in takeout menus

Page Options - select best layout for current page you are working on. Add a front or back cover page to display your logo or more restaurant information.

Margin Settings - customize left or right margins of each page as well as space between columns.

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