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Quickly share your designs with your Facebook community by clicking PUBLISH in the upper right corner of the editor, then Facebook Post.

Click Connect to Facebook to log in to your Facebook account. If this is the first time you have connected your Facebook account with your MustHaveMenus account, you will be required to follow a quick series of permission steps.

After allowing permission, you can select the business page you would like to share to by clicking the downward arrow, as shown below-. 

To share your design for free, click Post on Facebook to finish. Click Remove Watermarks to share a watermark-free version of your design and unlock other Pro benefits. Learn more about the Pro plan here.

It may be helpful to mention that Facebook posts are static and can't be updated with a sync. If you make changes to a design that you have posted to Facebook, the design will need to be reposted rather than updated.

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